Building Your Lifestyle at Deer Hollow

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Building the Lifestyle

Making the perfect community takes more than just lakes, parks and roads. It takes looking outside the box and then creating your own. Our distinctive approach to home styles is sure to compliment this traditional neighborhood with its comforting and timeless feel.

The master plan shows how dedicated we are to making everything we have envisioned for Deer Hollow a reality. From curvy, quaint roads, vintage street lights and signs, parks accesible from nearly every corner, Deer Hollow has outlined your perfect dream.

Master Plan

The expertise of landscape architects combined with utilizing the natural flow of the land, resulted in the Deer Hollow layout and design.

An impressive main thoroughfare follows the natural landscape of the lowlands, encompassing a portion of the open space. Tucked away behind many of the properties are smaller alleyways for rear-entry garages.

This factor was key in the Deer Hollow design for enhancing the curb appeal of the community.

Circular streets running along the east and west imitate the seclusion of cul-de-sacs, yet remain maintenance friendly for the city.

To build the lifestyle envisioned requires a community blended together by those who have young families, teenagers, and grand-kids alike, thus, offering the varying lot sizes was another key factor to the layout.

By offering differing lot sizes you allow for people from many different stages of life to enjoy the benefits of Deer Hollow.

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