Learn about the natural amenities that make Deer Hollow the place to be. From Memory Lake, to the Forest Grove, to the walking trails weaving through both.

Perfected By Nature

From Memory Lake, to Forest Grove, to the walking paths that will connect you to any venue within Deer Hollow, you will see that the natural beauty is what sets Deer Hollow apart. Giving you not only beautiful homes, safe streets, and friendly neighbors. But peaceful walks through the trees, sunsets at the lake, and winter wonderlands to wander through.

By blending a community together with the wonders of nature we’re creating a place where saying “The possibilities are endless,” is not just a cliche’.

Memory Lake

Quiet Serenity Minutes From Home! Memory Lake will become your private paradise as it surrounds you in quite serenity. Six acres of gorgeous lake property crown the community with all of the beauty that nature has to offer.

Get lost along the walking pathways perfectly guiding you through the groves of trees as you escape from the bustle of life.

With gold autumn leaves reflecting off the water to the wildflowers of spring, Memory Lake is truly a treasure awaiting your discovery. No matter the season, you can circle the lake for leisurely strolls, brisk jogs, or family bike rides.

To further the experience, Deer Hollow is committed to improving the lake, terracing the bank, implementing a dock for canoe launching, and providing relaxing walking trails throughout with strategically placed benches.


Forest Grove

Powder along the path after the first snowfall, cool breezes blowing through the aspens in early spring, find solace from the hot summer days or observe the brilliant torch of colors as autumn descends. Your family will love the sanctuary of this natural haven.

As the sun shines through the older trees above, Forest Grove will have something to offer around every bend.

Within the center of the grove will be a grassy knoll with a picture perfect gazebo, winding trail systems connects to other trails, well-placed fire pits and benches, which only add to the enjoyment.


Walking Trails

The masterfully planned walking system throughout the community will provide something different around every turn.cedar city walking trailsWhether circling the lake, winding through the blanket of trees, or strolling along the creek each time you navigate the paths a new memory will emerge. There are so many adventures waiting to be had as you venture out on the trail system that we have designed for Deer Hollow. Currently it is in it’s infancy but if you’ll take a look at the master plan you’ll soon see that trails have been something critical that we’ve added to The Parks at Deer Hollow.

The trails will be your guide to all of the natural wonder of The Parks at Deer Hollow and is master planned to eventually join the existing Canyon Trail of Cedar City.


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