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Cedar City is a community created and built around a vision of connectivity, community, and sustainability that maximizes all the attributes of its beautiful and natural setting.

Situated in The Beautiful And Peaceful Cedar City Valley...

Starting as nothing more than a simple aspiration to develop the ideal family community, we could only imagine what The Parks at Deer Hollow would evolve into. That simple ambition, together with advice and input from many has helped that aspiration evolve into one of the best communities in southern Utah.

A community blended together with openness and natural beauty, where a family can create memories to last a lifetime.

The Vision

As we make our way through this journey called life, we all sooner or later come to the realization that the only thing that really matters in life are the people we love.

Be it our family, friends, or neighbors, they are what make this life worth living.

That is the vision of Deer Hollow. It is not just a subdivision, it is a new way of life. A lifestyle designed to be open and inviting, to foster those kindred feelings that make this life such a wonderful and splendid adventure.

So when all is said and done you’ll have friend after friend and memory after memory to smile back on.

Truly, we have set the stage. So consider this the beginning to your story at Deer Hollow. Where pages unfold from here, only you can say.

The Parks at Deer Hollow

Grandview Park

When the journey began in 2005 parks was a recurring theme. We wanted places where families can turn off the television/video games, step away from the computer, and within walking distance have something active for all ages, kids and grown-ups alike.

On hot summer days the splash zone will be full of laughter and fun as it cools off the kids playing in the playground.

Also offered are a lighted sand volleyball court, basketball courts, and a meadow of open space for neighborhood games, family matches or any other possibility.

Complimented with the relaxing landscape, pavilions, waterfall, and connecting trail routes, we hope good times and great memories will be made with family and friends.


The homes with The Parks at Deer Hollow are a craftsman style home, with front porches on every home!

The craftsman style home is a timeless style that makes the community such a wonderful place to live. 

As you wander around the community you'll quickly see that the style of homes make Deer Hollow what it is.

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